Personal view: first weeks of school were eventful

Personal view: first weeks of school were eventful

Haylie Laws, Editor

My name is Haylie Laws. This is my second year at Dobie Jr High. I’m an 8th grader. Coming into this school year I was super nervous because there was always a chance of things not going your way, that was what I was very afraid of.

On Monday, I walked into the front doors with all my friends ready to find a seat in the overcrowded cafeteria. We went to go check who our homeroom teachers were, to my surprise none of us had the same. The first period bell rings and chaos breaks free.

Seventh graders roaming to figure out where to go while being scared of the “big scary 8th graders.” Our class of eighth graders just simply wanted to go home and sleep. I get into my second period to find out I have only three people I know in there, pretty nerve racking. The class goes on and everything was okay.

I shuffle throughout the hallways trying to look for my friends so I can feel some type of security before my next class starts.

Before I know it, it’s time to go to lunch, something I couldn’t wait for. I’m in line waiting to see someone I’m close with and just to my luck I see my best friend Isabella, but that was all I saw. I had other “friends” there, but none I really– connected with.

The cafeteria was a whole mess! Over crowding everywhere I looked and to solve that problem the admins thought it’d be great to have us sit in our teams (which none of my friends are in). Worst idea, there’s a lot of open space at my team for anyone to sit at but in another team they’re practically sitting on top of each other. We should be able to sit where we want, but that’s just my opinion.

Lunch is now over, time to go to cougar time my least favorite time of day. My Cougar Time teacher happens to be my math teacher. It was really boring and I couldn’t wait to leave. Nothing special happened.

Sixth period is uneventful because that is my math class, the one class I come into with resentment and leave with thrill as soon as my foot is out that door. I 100% love my seventh period, science. Normally I hate the subject because I find it so boring but my teacher makes it my favorite.

My last class of the day is Athletics, which if you work hard enough it  can be emotionally and physically rewarding. I’m in volleyball and I couldn’t be happier, it’s always been my favorite sport and I’ve met my closest friends thanks to this class, couldn’t be more happy with this class.

Overall my first couple of weeks have been very good with an exception of one class. I hope the school year gets even better and I achieve all my goals.