Personal View: first week of school was stressful

Personal View: first week of school was stressful

Sydney Berkley, Editor

The first week of school has been very stressful. It’s hard to believe since I am an eighth grader and it’s not like I am new around here, but it’s the truth. Things just kept happening. Almost every bus was late on the first day of school, including mine.

Once I finally arrived to school, I had to wait in the library for a while because I didn’t have my proof or residency to prove I live where it says I live. I had a different teacher from a different team but I knew there were going to find out anyway so I didn’t tell anyone.

My whole schedule is different and now I have new Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts Teachers Math is the only subject they didn’t change I know technically it was my choice to change my whole schedule. I’m not as mad as I thought I was now its easier to get around and I have more time to get to class even though I get there earlier.

I did have stressful week but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was I thought I would be in a room full of strangers and i’m not very good with change but who is. Turns out, I love my new classes I like where my locker is the only thing i’m sad about now is that I left a really good friend behind now she sits alone at lunch not really happy that I left a friend but it was better start to the school year then I thought.