Personal view: 8th grade feels same as last year

Celine Valerio, Staff Editor

This is my second year at Dobie and it honestly feels the same as last year. The only difference is that we have different teachers and there are way more students in the classes compared to last year.

In about all my classes the student count ranges from 30-36, so for a teacher that has 6-7 classes a day is a lot. Since there are so many students this year the stairs and hallways are packed like sardines.

Besides that though, the week was pretty interesting. We’ve had homework already, volleyball tryouts, and projects from teachers. It’s been fun, but hectic.

Volleyball tryouts was probably the highlight of my week, though. It is the only thing that distracts my mind from everything else going on. However, tryouts also created a lot of stress because there were over 80 girls who had a lot of talent.

For each 3 days of tryouts you have to be the best you can and show them that you belong on the team. Even after you make the team you’re still fighting to keep your spot on A or B team each week. I ended up making A team and I’m very excited for what’s in store for the team this year.

My mind is still kind of on vacation if we’re being honest, so for the teachers to give us homework on the first day was quite mind boggling. You’d think they have a just a little bit mercy considering it was the first day, but I guess not. Some students really did not like the idea of homework of already. “I was very upset about them giving us homework already,” said Haylie Laws, 8th grader.

Overall my week was alright. It wasn’t too good but it wasn’t bad. I’m looking forward for later in the year because for me that’s when it gets exciting.  “In the middle of the year the teachers know me already,so I’m excited to talk with with them and not be complete strangers,” exclaimed Isabella Gonzales, 8th grader.  This year should be very exciting.