Personal view: The first day of school was a little stressful

Madison Cook, Editor

My first day of school wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst either. I liked all my classes and the people that were in them, the only thing about my classes is that I didn’t get any with my best friend. The first day was a little chaotic; a lot of people didn’t know where their classes were so everyone was confused and running around. The rest of the week was also pretty boring and normal.

I like the first day of school because that’s when all the teachers are introducing themselves, and I like to listen to them talk about their lives and get to know them before the school year starts.

Another thing that I like about the first days is getting to see all my friends that I didn’t see over the summer. Seeing all of my friends and seeing who were in my classes made me less nervous about the first day.

Like a lot of the students here, I don’t agree with some of the new rules they’ve enforced. Some of them are unnecessary, but then again I get why they did it. There are just too many kids to have the freedoms that we had last year.

Overall my first day of school was a success, a little stressful and crazy, but good. I think this year at Dobie is going to be a great year.