First week of school at Dobie was fun!

Isabella Gonzales, Editor

The first week of school is always hectic, especially at Dobie since there are 1,259 students. All of the new 7th graders were rushing to their first period when all the 8th graders were dreading being back and walking slowly to their classes. It’s a crazy adjustment for all the 7th being their first year at a middle school. They all need a lot of maturing if they want to fit in with the 8th graders.

All the returning 8th graders are happy to see they have some of their classes with their friends. Some only see friends at lunch or during passing period. “This year will probably suck since I have no classes with my friends,” said Haylie Laws, 8th. Some people even went to the counselors just to change their schedule so they can have friends in their classes.

Throughout the whole week, administrators kept telling the students to bring their locks since they were distributing lockers on that Friday. Students complained about the lockers since they liked carrying around their backpacks  because it was convenient. The teachers continued to tell the students the reasons as to why they must have lockers.

Celine Valerio, 8th grader, said she doesn’t like using lockers. “I feel like it is not needed because some people have a lot of stuff to carry and they have to keep going back and forth to their lockers,” said Valerio.

Although the first week is always stressful, lots of people loved it. “I enjoyed the first week, it was super fun and i loved it,” said Valerio. The 7th graders get to be at a new school that’s more out there than the school they were once at. The 8th graders can’t wait to leave and become high schoolers, but for now they are loving every second they have of their youth before they become high school kids.