Personal view: New year, Fresh start, New beginning


Celia Serrato , Editor

The first week of school was really fun. I was super excited to finally meet all my teachers, and get my new schedule for my 8th grade year. It was also really fun to see all my friends again and get classes with them.

The thing I was most excited for was cheer. Especially since I end the day with cheer class. I really like my new schedule because I start the day off good and end it great. The only class I really do not like is social studies. Only because that class is in the morning and I really focus in her class because I feel like falling asleep.

I’m really excited for this year because I have new people in my classes and new teachers. Also I get new possibilities and chances to try new stuff. One thing I would ask to change about this year is us sitting in teams. I do not get to sit with all the friends I would like to sit with.

The rules here do not make sense. I feel like the administration is being really strict for no reason. I get most of the rules but I do not understand why we sill have to sit in teams. This rule is just gonna make people mad and they will leave even more trash.

The backpack rule is a little bit extreme to, but it is pretty cool now to have a locker and everyday it gets easier.

But so far this school year seems to be going really good. Knock on wood and I hope it doesn’t change. Every school year has new possibilities and new obstacles to over come. New year fresh start new beginning.