Personal View: Dobie volleyball tryouts were nerve-wrecking


Emmalee Prince

Girls pause during tryouts for a quick photo.

Madison Sellers, Editor

The days of tryouts for volleyball were super nerve racking. My heart was pounding I was so nervous. I got to school and I saw all my friends we went through a hectic day trying to find our classes and then we got to athletics.

After getting uniforms, lockers, and locker room rules told, we got ready for tryouts. We ran 5 laps then stretched real good. Broke-up into partners and started with a toss and passing drill, slowly we progressed to a consistent pass. Then we starting setting once again we progressed into a set back in forth. Finally we went to serve and mine okay, but so was everybody else’s. Everyone went home tired but ready for the next day.

Day 2 was hard because we had to do hitting drills and I am only 5 foot, I got some over and some not so much. We went back to serves and almost everybody’s were going over We broke out “Lady Cougars on three ..1…2…3!”

Day 3 results were coming we worked so hard and at the end we were all huddled buy the door.. Coach Adame’s daughter posted a list we all were pushing and shoving to see the list. Out of no where girls were jumping up and down screaming. I looked at the list.. I made the team!  I was so happy! I made B team again, but I was still so happy.

We had Friday practice all of the seventh and eighth grade volleyball girls were together.We got information for pictures and volleyball game schedules, then we started practice with our 5 laps and really stretched. We broke off into seventh and eighth, did simple passing, hitting and setting drills.Then we worked our serves, finally we broke off and got dressed for the day. 

Unfortunately, I had to quit the team. I was so sad I had worked so hard for this. I had to quit because of a knee injury. At least now I can go and take photos of the girls for yearbook. I hope the season goes well. Good luck, Lady Cougars!