Personal view: first week of school not great

Personal view: first week of school not great

Lourdes Segura, Editor

The first week of school was not like any other. I did get the class I wanted with the people I liked, but something seemed off to me. I don’t know what it was but it just didn’t seem right. There was a lot of drama within the first week of school – it was ridiculous!

This year in Dobie Jr. High there are over more then 1,500 students – that is more students than should there should be at this school. I had a class with 38 kids and one class with 40 kids. The population in Schertz-Cibolo has gotten ridiculous. I have been in the SCUCISD district my whole life and watching it grow bigger and bigger every year is tiring.

Being in a school with more kids then there should be is not so great. This year at Dobie we cannot carry around our backpacks with us class to class. When I found that out I was very upset because I am nothing without my backpack.

The rules at Dobie are unnecessary and unbelievable. This school never used to be so strict. Last year the eighth graders decided to act up during lunch and caused the whole school to get assigned seating during lunch. That wasn’t fair to the people who didn’t do anything.