Personal View: volleyball tryouts was stressful

Kimora Iron Shield, Editor

The day of tryouts was nerve-wrecking. I woke up and went to my sister’s tryouts and I didn’t feel good at all, but  I went anyway.  I got sick on my way to first period and went to the nurse. So I couldn’t tryout that day and that was very upsetting. The next day I was able to tryouts and I did good then the last day of tryouts was scary I did good but there was some things I could’ve worked on that day.

I was feeling nervous because I felt as if I did bad and the coaches weren’t gonna pick me to be on the team. After tryouts we were all huddled up by the door, it took the coaches about 15 minutes to post the results and the girls who made the team were screaming and jumping with excitement. We started practice the next morning and it was fun.

The very next day was Friday all the girls had practice seventh and eighth. The coaches congratulated us for making the team and we went right to work. On Monday we had practice and it starts off with 3-5 laps around the gym, next we stretch and we do stretching line. Then it’s just passing, hitting, or rotation drills.

We had practice all week even Thursday, That morning we went to the gym at 7:15 to serve then we set up the gym during athletics. At 3:30 our parents are able to drop off food for the athletes. When 4 o’clock came, Corbett showed up.

A team started stretching at 4:30 and we start playing at 5:00. The first few plays were good  Dobie was in the  lead and I was so excited. We lost the 1st game to Corbett 20-25, We  were a little frustrated but we got over that and took over the second set 21-25. We played a third set and we won that set 19-25. After our “A” team won our “B” team took the court and won both games, so Dobie Lady Cougars started the season off with a win.