Personal view: Being new at Dobie is cool

Jayden Lark, Editor

My name is Jayden Lark and I am a new student here at Dobie Junior High. I came from Killeen and moved here because my mom got a new job, so we had to leave.

I love it here! The teachers here are great and so are the students. I am happy that I made the 8th grade volleyball team. I can’t wait for basketball season. Basketball is my favorite sport since I have been playing since I was 3 years old! I am excited for basketball season.

This school is different from my previous school. My previous school was boring and the teachers weren’t so good. This school is fun, but the only thing is there are way to much rules. Over all I have had an amazing year so far. I am so excited to join the school this year. I look forward to continue learning with you this school year.

This school is huge, it has over 1,200 students here! There is barely enough space to get around in the hallways. The amount of students here is hectic. Trying to get into our lockers is a hassle because the other kids would be in your way. It makes it difficult to get to your locker when other are also in a rush to get to theirs. That is why I think they should let us carry our backpacks.

The rules here are very strict although I don’t understand why It is very agitating. They should lighten up on their rules, but it’s probably to keep kids safe. Safety is something major in school and it’s great that they take it into consideration.