Personal view: Dobie’s first day back to school was crowded

Emma Wendt, Editor

The first day of school was crazy and crowded! When I had to go from waking up at noon to waking up at six it really made me realize that school’s actually here! When I got to school everyone was running around and worried about their classes. Finally the bell rang and we all scurried to our second period classes because they made our schedules different for the first day. After arriving to my second period, Mrs. Reed’s science class I found out that I had a few friends in class with me.

Then we went to first period, Yearbook for me. In yearbook I have friends in the class too! Next we had to go to our third periods, for me I had Spanish class with Mrs. Luna. In Spanish I didn’t really have any close friends in that class but one. We then went to fourth period which for me is Language, Mrs. Compton. In language I have a couple close friends, I love this class.

Finally it was lunch time and it was such a relief. I sat with all my friends and talked. Then the bell rang for cougar time, my least favorite class because I never have homework to do. After we sat in silence for what seemed like forever the bell rang for sixth period. I have Mr. Wetz, social studies and in his class I have numerous friends, we always have a good time in his class but we have to take notes a lot.

Again the bell rang and we went to seventh period, Mrs. Bagley, math which I have friends with again. This class always gives me a hard time because I’m in all AP classes so my math class is Algebra! When the bell rang for eighth period we ran to athletics so we wouldn’t be late.

The first day of school was great! I love all my classes and like being given hard work to make me better. This year is gonna be great!