Personal View: The First Day of School Was Stressful

Personal View: The First Day of School Was Stressful

Claire Burton, Editor

My name is Claire Burton and I am an 8th grader at Dobie Jr. High. My first week of school was very stressful because I had a new schedule that I was unfamiliar with. On top of that 8th grade volleyball tryouts were nerve wracking. My new schedule was confusing because I had to go to parts of the school that I didn’t know existed.

A new schedule can be bad, but I kind of enjoy mine now. We have to use a locker this year so that means there is no back packs allowed in classes. I miss my backpack! I like my schedule a little better because I have Yearbook class first, Social Studies second, Art third, and all of those are up stairs but fourth period.  I have to go down stairs so I drop by my locker and grab all the stuff I’ll need for the rest of the day, then comes lunch.

After lunch I go to Cougar Time which is a free period to do homework and talk with friends. I don’t really understand Cougar Time, but it does give me time to work on things I didn’t finish in class. Then it’s off to Science, and then Math. After math I have my last class, Girls Athletics.

At the very end of my day I had volleyball tryouts and I have to say, I was nervous for tryouts, but I wasn’t as nervous as I was last year. My schedule was like this from Tuesday through Thursday. After our last day of tryouts on Thursday we had to wait outside for our coaches to post the list. I MADE IT! I was so excited that I had made the team and now I am ready for practice every day and participate in games every Thursday.