Personal View: Band is Fun!


Leah Biache, Staff reporter

My name is Leah Biache. I am in Wind Ensemble (Honor Band) and I have been playing the flute for three years, now going on four. I was in Beginner Band (5th grade), Honor Band (6th), Symphonic Band (7th), and now Honor band (8th).

Wind ensemble, Honor Band, participates in an event called Region Band. Region Band is an event you audition for. The best players in the region will be put together and perform. We have scales that we need to memorize, and the scales are two octaves! The thing is, there are 7 scales and the judges could pick up to one of seven random scales from the page that they want us to play. We also have two pieces of music to perform for them.

Band participates in a lot of activities, we will play at a football game (Dobie and Steele), we will tour intermediate schools, go to Mr. Gatti’s, go to a symphony, and at the end of the year go to Six Flags. Being in band makes me feel more mature since you have so much responsibility. Band also participates in UIL. Last year I went to UIL and we got to skip a four hour benchmark! We still had to take it, but during cougar time.

During band you will warm up and practice music. We get slow music to Native American music, Christmas music to super fun fast music. When you have a good run through your music, everyone in the room, even the band director, will be happy and there will be a intense, joyful feel in the room. You will also hear a proud sigh once we put our instruments down; since we have been using a lot of breath.

High school band is a way to earn you Letterman jacket. If you join band, football ,or cheer you will have the high school, game-time experience; you also will travel on buses to go compete. Overall band is a fun experience and has also given me more job options when I grow up. Join band!