Personal Review:My first day of school experience


Ayana Freeman , Staff reporter


My name is Ayana Freeman and I am a 7th grader at Dobie Junior High. When I first walked into Dobie on my first day of school, I was scared. I was scared of the 8th graders, classes, teachers, and even of some people I knew. Also, the school was chaos, the halls were full of teachers, 7th and 8th graders. In my mind, I thought, “This is going to be a hard year.”. I finally went to the list and found my class.


I first had Mrs. Rodriguez (The Language Arts Teacher.), I saw some people I knew but I was quiet and sat down. The class started and all we learned about was the rules and expectations. It was boring. She gave us our schedules. We had to go to first period because we were in second. So, off to athletics. Athletics was boring too, they told us about tryouts for sports and what they were going to be like. After Athletics, I went to Mrs. Rodriguez but I already went there so I went to Journalism.


I arrived at the Journalism door and there was a lady standing outside the door handing out fist bumps and smiling really big named Mrs. P.J. I thought, “I already like her, hope she’s not mean.” I got into the classroom and it smelled like coffee and there was a lot of 8th graders. I whispered to myself, “Great I’m the only 7th grader, UUUGGHH”. Class started and one of my friends walked into the class so I was fine but I still was scared of the 8th graders would look at me weird and call start calling me “Tiny 7th grader” but they didn’t and they really nice. I did a survey of myself and talked for the rest of the period. BEST CLASS EVER!


Next was math, my least favorite subject. The teacher Mrs.Irle was nice and did the same thing the other teachers did, talked about rules and expectations, the day was still so boring but I also had a friend in that class too so I guess I was fine. Then lunch rolled around. It was insane, students going to class, some going to lunch, and teachers watching madness break loose but there was only a small amount of yelling. I got to talk to my friends and we all talked about our days so far. About how it was boring and we were getting lost all the time. How the 8th graders shoved us out of the way and gave us dirty looks but besides that lunch was good.


Cougar time came and I had no idea what it was. At first, I thought it was a place to talk to your friends but nope IT’S A STUDY HALL and you have to be quiet. UUUUGGGGHHHH! I had no homework so I just sat there. Science came and come to find out my cougar time teacher is my science teacher, Mr. Edmonson. It was boring like all the other classes. Rules and expectations and we had to do a body paper and write down thoughts, quotes, feelings, and sayings we went by. At the end, we guessed who wrote what paper. It was pretty fun.


I had Social Studies, but once again I heard rules and expectations. However, I had Coach Driffill and he made the class fun. He is an amazing teacher and always makes stuff up that cracks you up. My last teacher of the day was Coach Burton. He is in love with chaos which makes him fun. I heard the same things I heard in the other classes, but with Coach Burton, he made it fun.


The end of the day rolled around and it was time to go home, the day wasn’t the greatest but it was my first day.