Personal view: My crazy first day of school


Madilyn Morris , Staff Reporter

 Hi, my name is Madilyn Morris. I’m in 7th grade and I’m going to tell u about how I felt the first day of school. I was not prepared at all sure I had my school supplies but my  brain was totally not prepared. I wanted to stay home and never to leave my house again. My brother on the other hand was excited to see all of his friends and to see his new school.

I was scared because I wasn’t sure I was in the program at Dobie, because I moved at the end of summer and my mom said that I was in but I wasn’t sure. When prep day came around I was at my dad’s and had to leave for a little bit .I meet up with a group of my friends and we were happy that we could go to the same school together. When we were signing into the school one of the teachers said that they couldn’t find me in their data, turns out I wasn’t in the data and had to wait for the first day of school to get my ID and all of the other stuff I couldn’t get.

My mom and I were really upset about the whole mess but I still got to go to school and got the classes I wanted. But I was mad that I wasn’t able to be in the program.                                                           

So after a few weeks it was the first day of school and I was terrified because I didn’t know if anyone as in my classes and then it got worse when I found out that no one knew their class. My mom went with me on the first day of school to make sure I was in the program. The receptionist told me to find tennis and go there so when I went to the gym they told me that I was in the wrong class and to go find my 2 pd. The people  who were helping me told me that what the lady in the front was wrong and that I need to go to my second class.

Then after the few mins that I had to go to tennis and then go to bed (which I’m not in anymore but that’s another story)

Then after band I had to go to the rest of my classes. At the end of the day I was tired and ready to go home. After I got home my mom greeted me and we talked all about my day and that’s the end of my story.