Personal view: my first week of school


Asedeya Pagan, Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Asedeya Pagan, and this is my second year at Dobie. When coming back from summer I was a little nervous, because I wasn’t sure where all of my classes were;but then I got the hang of it. I think Dobie is an amazing school. Things here are little bit different from last year, but I can manage.

My first week of school was crazy because first I didn’t even have a schedule so I was stuck in the library for an hour. Then came around third period when I actually had a class to go to then went home.

Transitioning from summer to the first week of school was hard. I have all these schedules I have to follow at home and school. Then knowing what time to leave for the bus, but into the middle of the year I will be getting the hang of things. Although this school seems to be driving everyone up the wall, the first day has been great, especially knowing that I have my friends to help me out when I need it.