Personal view: First week back to school was chaotic


Salvador Ramos, Staff Reporter

The first week of school was very chaotic because 7th graders were confused; they didn’t know where to go or what to do. Eighth graders say that they wanted school to be cancelled because of Hurricane Harvey. Several students were sad to see that they didn’t get classes with friends

Some of those students switched their schedules. Jacob Shannon says “I wish that I got more classes with some of my other friends”. Eighth graders at lunch were confused whether or not to sit with their team; regardless everyone sat with their friends.

People’s opinions about summer is that they wished that it had been longer. Others say that it wasn’t the best summer. Not like the 7th graders, 8th graders say that it was easier because they have some familiarity to the classes and where everything is.

 Seventh graders say it is too much to handle while 8th grader Jacob Shannon says, “It is easier to handle”.  Eighth grader Jacob Shannon says “others loved the first week of school because they enjoyed classes with friends”.  Seventh graders experienced what it was like to get pushed around while 8th graders moved 7th graders away. Some people might say this was the most chaotic year yet.