Students’ Thoughts on the First Week of School

Taryn Cooper, Journalist

Anayah Butler, Kamryn Lovett and Aiyana Reeves are just 3 of the many students that attend Dobie Jr. High School but from them is a lot of information such as electives, rules and new and old friends. Let’s get started shall we?


 On the topic of electives, there are many to choose from at Dobie. Band, art, journalism, theatre, choir, Spanish and athletics are some of electives to choose from. Anayah Butler says that her favorite elective class is journalism. She likes the planning of parties, doing interviews and taking pictures.


 “I love doing the scenes and the projects,” says 13 year old Kamryn Lovett on her favorite elective, theatre.


 Lastly, we have Aiyana Reeves who says her favorite elective class is athletics. “I like to exercise,” she says.


 Next is rules. Rules are here to keep us safe but some rules -to some students- are unnecessary.


Aiyana Reeves says, “I don’t like not being able to wear what I want and having to wear the ID.”

While Anayah Butler doesn’t like the rule that there are no backpacks or water bottles allowed in classrooms.


 The last exciting thing about being a student at Dobie Jr. High School is friends. Kamryn Lovett says that she has made two new friends whose names are Elena and Taryn. She says her best friend’s name is Cristina Novikoff. Aiyana Reeves, a new student, says she has also made two new friends named Taryn and Cassidy. While Anayah Butler is not new but has made a new friend and are already best friends. Her name is Amira.  


  “She was new and I was trying to help her find the buses and we started talking and became friends.”


 This is Taryn Cooper reporting on the first week of school at Dobie Jr. High School. Thank you for reading!