Personal view: Our dress code isn’t fair

Anayah Butler, Staff Reporter

Rules are set for a reason. They helps keep things in line and are put in place for our safety but some rules like the dress code  aren’t fair.

This morning in first period everything was fine. My day was good and it was a Friday so why wouldn’t I be happy? It was almost time for second period so I went to get up to ask my teacher a question and as I finished my question, she told me that I couldn’t wear leggings and and that I  had to go to the office.

When I heard her say those words, I was absolutely mortified. As I walked to the office I was crying my eyes out because it was the first time getting dress coded. The nurse gave me these gray Under Armor shorts to wear over my leggings. It was terrible!

The dress code is absolutely awful. Students are being restricted and they cannot dress how they want to express themselves. I don’t like being sent to the office for breaking  dress code; nobody wants to go through all of that.

I don’t want people to go through what I went through. It’s sad. What needs to be done is that the school leaders need to go a little lighter on the dress code. They need to allow leggings as long as you can’t be see through them. They should allow spaghetti strap shirts and off the shoulder shirts and a bunch of other clothing! School is for learning and being comfortable not being sent to the office for your outfit choice.