Personal View: My 2017 Summer Vacation

My Summer Vacation


My name is Desiree Villanueva and I’m going to talk about my summer vacation. My summer vacation was so amazing I went to Six Flags,Chalk Bluff,the river,and went to Port A. I’m going to start off with Six Flags. I’ve been there so many times, i can’t count them all. Next time i go to Six Flags I’m going to ride the “Goliath”, but the last time i went there, i went with my mom,my 2 brothers, my mom’s boyfriend,and my brothers friend.


We went on the rides first because it was going to rain, so we went on the swings,Super Man ,and the Gully Washer and all the other rides. Then it was getting hot, so we went to the water park. It was so fun, i saw a couple of my friends in the lazy river and some on the new ride by the texas shaped wave pool.


Then a couple weeks later, my mom said “We’re going to Chalk Bluff”! I was so excited because last time i went, we all stayed in a 2 story cabin and it was awesome. But this time we all got different cabins, one for my family, another one for my moms friend, and another one for her other friend. But the good thing about it was we were not far away, we could walk to each other’s cabins.The water was so clear and the rope from last time i went was still there. I was so happy we went again,but my tia didn’t come on the first day we went, so she came on the second day we were there. My tia brought her pink flamingo to sit on while we were in the water. The water there was so clear you could see the rocks and the ground no matter how deep it is.


The river was so fun, we got to play and go down the middle where the strong current was with our floats. It was so fun and we played badminton but lost the ball, but my mom found a ping-pong ball. I went to the river in new braunfels twice but the second time i went to the river, my mom slipped and hit her head on a big rock. Some lady called the ambulance and they came to help my mom. But the really bad thing was i saw the whole thing and that traumatized me. I’m glad that she’s ok but there was a scar but now its healed.


When i went to Port A,i was asleep the whole ride there but when i woke up, i smelled the ocean and saw that we were at Whataburger. When we got to our “places” we were next to each other’s and we had a pool to our self’s and a hot-tub. I had so much fun,but when we went to the beach, i got stung by a jellyfish. It hurt so bad i thought it was going to get infected. Me and my brother both felt something, he felt a fish go under his feet and i got stung by the jellyfish. But the our rooms were amazing and the beds were so soft i could take it home with me. I had a great time there and i know my family did as well. So that was all the activities i did during my summer 2017.