Personal View: My First day of school


Aaron Jennings, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Aaron Jennings and this is my experience on the first day of school. I’ve been in the district for two years but was still nervous for middle school. I arrived at school looking for my first class on the wall in the cafeteria, it was hectic. I saw my friends from last year and that was cool.  My teachers seemed nice so that was good, but I was slightly sad. My best friend wasn’t in any of my classes… yet.


The school was a step up from my last school, you are allowed to talk in the halls! Every time I saw a friend I could say hi. It was all chaos until about the fourth day of school I had everything planned I knew where my classes were, but then in Social Studies when the teacher was doing attendance I wasn’t on the roster. My Science and Social Studies classes had switched periods.


I was really sad because my Science class was my favorite period. I had eight friends in that class and my teacher was really funny. I kept the teacher just not the people in the class. So when 6th period came along I walked into Social Studies and my best friend, Sarah, was there!

I was really happy because now I could spend more time with her.


Since then School has been great. I’ve made new friends and had fun!