Personal View : Dobie rules are strict


Gabriel Holzwarth, Staff Reporter

Everybody’s first week of school is either very exciting or boring, mine was exciting because I got to see my friends and I have really nice teachers, but I wasn’t so excited when they put the rules in place.

Dobie is a great school, but sometimes things can get a little out of hand here: fights, rules and other things. So now the rules here are very strict, such as the backpack rule, Where we have have a locker and no backpacks in the classroom. The teachers can trip a little or we may have food that’s not allowed to be in the classroom therefore we understand backpacks can be a safety hazard, but it’s just unnecessary. They are also taking IDs here very strict here. If you don’t have it you get a name tag, then a D-hall, then a referral. Maybe they should let us have a little more freedom.

We know that they just remodeled the school, but it still seems a little too small. It’s a school made for 900 kids, according to Mr Simmons but yet there are about 1,200 in here, so it’s very hard to get through the halls and getting to lockers. It’s too crowded and you can barely get to the stairs and down the stairs without pushing your way through.

I also feel like we should be able to sit where we want during lunch. It’s jr. high, there is no reason we cant sit wherever we want.

I’m not calling this school bad or worse than other schools,  but I think that they should give us a little more freedom. I don’t want this to be a prison;  I want it to be a friendly community.