Personal view: My first day back at Dobie was great


Lauren Gray, Staff reporter

My name is Lauren Gray, I’m an eighth grader at Dobie. The night before the first day of school I could not sleep, I was so nervous and excited too see my friends. I fell asleep around twelve o’clock and I kept waking up every hour. I barely got any sleep but, when I woke up I wasn’t tired at all.

I got ready and was feeling amazing. I went downstairs, ate some fruit and a chocolate muffin, then decided it was time to start my first day of school. I got to school and all my friends came up to me and we started catching up. When we got into the building it was crazy. None of the seventh graders knew what to do or where to go. I went to the board found my name and went to the teacher.

I walked into the classroom I was supposed to be in and I found a bunch of my friends. The teacher started handing out schedules and my friends and I started passing each other’s around seeing if we have any more classes together. By the time she stopped talking about rules and procedures the bell was ringing.

I went to my first period, which is theatre, only to find out my theatre teacher had left to go teach at a different school. Everyone in the class was so upset she left. Since they were upset they all had pretty negative attitudes towards the theatre substitute. I felt bad because no one was listening to her.

All my classes were the same, just rules and procedures. They were all pretty boring, but during passing periods everyone was confused and it was so hectic. After second period most of the guys have athletics third period, so they were all running and pushing all the kids.

In algebra I already had homework, which I didn’t expect. Overall my first day was great.  I loved all my classes and I’m hoping the rest of the year is amazing