Personal view: I strongly disagree with the dress code

Kylie Pavlovsky, Staff Reporter

Dobie administrators held a school assembly to go over rules and discipline. During the discipline assembly there was a slide that many disliked. Was I one of the students who disliked it? Yes I was. I strongly disagree with the dress code.

The moment Mr. Jackson, Dobie Jr. High Vice Principal, turned the slide that read dress code students immediately started complaining. Kids were moaning and groaning and almost each time he read a rule you would hear a voice saying,“What!?!”

I looked around to observe the students and I was honestly a little shocked. One kid was actually sleeping, and a ton of kids had their pencils gliding across their homework.

Even though I disagree with dress code too, the level of disrespect our vice principal was getting was awful. Kids were talking away.

The dress code rule about no shirts with open shoulders seemed to especially upset students.

Aubrianna Kline, 7th grader, doesn’t like the dress code.

“I think the dress code is too strict, it should be limited but not so strict,” she said. “I think the board should change the no open shoulder rule, it’s unreasonable to cover up because shoulders are a part of your body.”