Personal view: Dress code isn’t fair

Emma Parker

Hi my name is Emma Parker.  I’m an 8th grader. I want to get all my thoughts out about the Dobie Junior High dress code. Starting school up again is exciting for some people, but for others it means going back to the same routine waking up and trying to find something to wear. Except you just now realize that all your cute summer clothing has to go because it’s out of dress code. Either your shorts are too short or your shirt doesn’t cover enough of your shoulders.


Everyone I know has a problem with the dress code. People say it’s harsh on girls growing up being in a public school and having to be ashamed of showing some skin because it’s “distracting” to the boys. Personally I think it’s better than having to wear the exact same thing every single day. I have been to a school that had a real dress code and I don’t think this one is so bad because I’ve had worse.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying I agree with all the rules about dress code. The most common thing people are are disagreeing with is that your shoulders have to be covered I do strongly disagree with that. Showing your shoulders will not cause trouble or harm to anyone in any way. Another thing that I disagree with is the holes in the pants. I think that if you’re covering the majority of your leg it’s not such a big deal. Nobody is  really paying any attention to your leg anyway.


Overall I don’t think dress code is so bad because some other schools have it way worse. I can agree that some of the rules are a little unnecessary, but trust me the majority of your clothing will fit in dress code If you put a jacket on. Anyway I don’t know anyone who would want to wear a tanktop in the school. It’s way too cold.