Personal view: Six Flags was a good time 


Keiahna Tucker, Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Keiahna, and today I’m going to tell you about the time I went to Six Flags. On July 5, 2017 I went to Six Flags Fiesta Texas with my Mom, my Dad, my step mom, my step dad, my aunt, my soon to be uncle, and my younger brother and sister, and my cousin. Yeah I know it’s a lot people, but it was a lot of fun.

As me and my giant family walked through the ticket gate, my step mom was spraying sunscreen, and she sprayed everyone in the face, it got in everyone’s mouth we all started yelling at her while trying to spit out the sunscreen, it was hilarious.

After what felt like hours we finally got through the ticket lines, and now it was time to ride rides. Since I was the oldest out of the three siblings I got to pick the first ride would go on. I chose to go one the giant yellow and blue one the first one you see, also known as the Goliath. My younger brother and sister couldn’t ride the ride so my cousin decided to stay behind and watch them. my cousin didn’t really want to ride so she volunteered to watch them.

While my family and I were waiting in line to get on the Goliath we were all complaining about how hot it was outside, and how we wish that we had water. After waiting in line for what felt like forever it was our turn. As we were being seated I was starting to feel anxious, nervous and scared all at the same time.

During the ride I could feel the ride going upside down and side to side.I had my eyes closed the most of the time. I could hear all the people on the ride screaming, laughing, and some were even crying. I was laughing and screaming at the same time.At one point I opened my eyes and the ride was at its highest peak, I immediately closed them. I finally felt the ride stop, and was really relieved about that.

After the ride came to a full stop I opened my eyes and all of the bad feelings had gone away. While getting off of the roller coaster I felt kind of dizzy and everything was spinning. After a few minutes I was feeling way better and I was really happy that I had gone on that ride.

Next time I go to Six Flags I hope to ride the rides I couldn’t ride the last time I had gone. I also hope to take some really cool pictures too.