Personal view: My summer was fun


Elijah Hugle, Staff reporter

Hello I’m Elijah (friends call me Eli). I’m going to tell you about my summer. My summer was all around great. I had stayed in most of it but I did a lot over the summer like got to my friends house, swim and play my Xbox.

At my friends house we did a lot of things. We swam, baked cookies, and played the Xbox and Wii I never felt so alive. It was really fun considering I don’t go to his house to often. Then we went to his other house and went out for pizza. The pizza was great and all around fun.

When I swam in my back yard pool my cousins came to my house and jumped in the pool it was a big splash. He suggested some games and we played. Some were dumb to me some were good. In one game we jumped into the pool over one person and if they touched us before getting in the pool we were it. I felt great every time they came over to my house.

On my Xbox it was as fun as ever. I played with my friends Ethan and Jake, and my cousins JQ and Dee. Some games where Call of Duty Black Ops, Minecraft, Overwatch, and GTA V it was a very enjoyable summer, sometimes I wish I could go back and relive it.