Personal view: This year will be better than last year

JaChona Owen, Staff Reporter

 By: JaChona Owen


My name is JaChona Owen, I’m an 8th grader this year. Last year in the 7th grade I was a new student at Dobie. I came from Randolph Middle School. I was kind of shy with people I didn’t know at the time, but once a week or two passed, I was getting to know people. This year will be better than last because I am not new anymore and it won’t be as hard for me to make new friends. I also think athletics is going to be more fun than it was last year.

What I did during the summer was go to South Carolina for my AAU basketball team. I hung out with my family and had sleepovers with my cousins. I hung out with my friend and cousin at my friend’s house. I played basketball for most of my summer this year since I do AAU basketball.  


The first week of school wasn’t bad. I didn’t have any problems with anybody during the week. I liked how I had classes with some of my best friends. This year for school I had to tryout for volleyball and I made the team. I’m still going to tryout for basketball, but I am only going to do long jump for Track and Field. I don’t mind that we have to have a locker, but I don’t like my locker because it is a bottom locker.


The assemblies we have I think are okay because for the new kids that just came to Dobie, they need to know all the rules. They won’t get in trouble if they know what the rules are if they care about those things, but if some of the kids don’t care about the rules then I don’t see why they have to attend the assemblies. So far for the school year I am fine with it, nothing bad has happened yet. I wish to make more friends this year.