School staff dress code


By:Kennedy Freeman, Jayden Parkhurst, and Madelyn Cordova – Staff Reporters


There are certain rules to the teacher and student dress code. Teachers have to wear certain things every day of the week from Monday through Wednesday is business casual and from Thursday to Friday they can wear jeans but they have to wear spirit shirts by Dobie or the college they went to.


Just like students, teachers have things they wish they  could change about dress code too. “We should have coaches attire, you know things like t-shirts, wind pants, things like that ,” says Coach Driffill. Even though he would like to change some things, he still believes  that it’s better with the dress code.

Mrs. Reed wishes she could have nose piercings, but she can’t because of the teacher dress code . There is still a dress code for teachers for after school activities.”Not a lot of people have good style and I don’t want to see what people are going to wear on friday nights,” said Mrs. Reed.  “The student dress code is better because they get to wear jeans whenever they want to,” states Mrs. Reed.


“ I think the student dress code is appropriate for their age” says, science teacher, Mrs. Altamirano, “The dress code is professional and the casual Friday’s are too casual for some teachers.” She says. “If I could change the dress code I would allow teachers to have unnatural hair colors.” states Mrs. Altamirano.


Teachers all have their own opinion about the dress code, but they still have to follow the rules like everyone else. Students have always thought that the dress code was unfair and some teachers believe it is unfair for them too.