Personal view: Back to school was a struggle


Yvea Minor-Smith, Staff Reporter

The first few weeks have been good, but I struggled a bit with a few things. First off I have a top locker and I’m 4ft 7in., so you see the problem. When I went to my locker I was on my tip toes doing my combination after 3 tries I gave up got help from teacher. Then came lunch, which I had to go to my locker again.

This time I was still on my tip toes for a while, so I had to go and get the teacher again. Turns out I was using a wrong number on my lock. Another time was when the person below me got there before me and I had to wait a long time because the person the locker next to me was taking their sweet time. Since then I’ve gotten way better at getting to class quicker.

Next I was procrastinating on doing this letter project for Language Arts and doing some long math homework, but it was super duper easy. I have no idea why I didn’t do sooner. I have some nice people in my classes,some immature people in my classes, and some friends too, so a variety.

I know when you don’t have classes with a friend you lose connection and then “poof” you’re not friends anymore. Maybe you have lunch with them but you’re on different teams, so lunch is out of the question. This I’m going to try and make more friends or be a bit more social.

One time I was so nervous to talk to someone sitting right next to me that I had full blown argument with myself in my head, but then I did something I didn’t think I could do the unthinkable. I started a conversation with her and now were friends and I became more confident in myself. I’m still going to try my very best not to lose connection with my old friends.

I hope this year is a good year. I hope to grow as a person physically and mentally. What I mean by physically is get taller like maybe one more inch.