Personal view: Getting back into the rhythm


Ariana Rojas


By: Ariana Rojas

Going back to school was a little more rough than I hoped it would be but, what else would you expect coming into a jam packed school?

Allow me to introduce myself my name is Ariana Rojas a returning 8th grader and band student. I happen to play the clarinet, b flat to be exact. I really love band because not only are most of my friends in band, I enjoy all kinds of music in general so for me this just adds onto for my love of music.

While it was nice to go back to school the first day dragged in for what seemed like an eternity, mainly because I missed first and most of second period because the teachers couldn’t find my schedule for whatever reason even though it was in the stack.

I will say that i’m not very fond of everyone in my classes though there are a few people that are I think are pretty cool. Either way I think it’s safe to say that math this year is my favorite so far.

I’m not even really sure why ,but I love doing math problems and finding out what the answer is.       

While Spanish, journalism, and band are my electives, as of right now band is my favorite, even if it’s going a bit too slow in my opinion, though I’m sure it will pick up sooner or later.

Another thing I’m really excited for is the clubs that Dobie has to offer. Including art club,gamer’s club, and history club. The one I’m most interested in though is history because I love learning about societies past as a whole or even the little details themselves.

To put it simply, I’m really excited for what this year has to offer but, I realize that getting fully back in the swing of things is going to be a very tedious task.