First 2017 volleyball game a major hit

Volleyball games are popular with Dobie students. They like to go to the games to hang out with their friends. A lot of the volleyball players also have a lot of friends there to support them. The games are very good as well, whether or not we win or lose. The first game was a success and tons of people had fun. From beginning to the end, crowds roared with cheers. Students could be seen eating their favorite concession stand snacks and having a good time with friends. There were even some teachers there to support the team.

For Desiree Villanueva, 8th grader, going to the volleyball game on September 7 was her first experience attending a game at Dobie. Villanueva said that she has friends who play and wanted to cheer them on, but also hang out with some of her good friends. “The game is so good and all the girls are doing so amazing,”  Villanueva said during the game. “Though the seating for watching the game is really crowded and I would make more space if I could.”

Everybody who goes to these games have so much fun. Students continue to go to games to support our Lady Cougars play. Stands are filled with parents, teachers, students, and siblings. We should keep the stand clean and safe to make sure everyone has a good time.

Taylor Mundahl, 8th grader who was also at the game, also said there should be more seating for spectators at games.

Mundahl has been to many different Dobie volleyball games as well as other sporting events. Mundahl went to the volleyball game gone to see her friends that are on the team play, and also to hang out with her other friends. She liked this game very much; the team did very good in her eyes along with many others. “Both teams did very good for the 8th grade” Mundahl said.

Many people had never been to any of the volleyball games before the first one of the season. The game was fun and many people enjoyed it. People were cheering others on as they played. Concession lines were long, and stands were full. What better way to enjoy yourself but sipping on a cold soda and chomping on some Hot Cheetos and cheese while watching your best friends and supporting your school team.

Erynn Sanders, 8th grader, also stated that the crowds in the stand were packed and there was no room for anything. “The only issue I see is there needs to be more room to sit down,” she said.

Sanders had never been to any of the volleyball games before this one. Actually she had never been to any of the sports games played by Dobie. “The girls did very good” Sanders stated. She went to this game to support and watch her friends, because she has many friends on both the A and B team for 8th grade. Though she also went to go to the concessions and hang out with her friends. “The snow cones are very good and surprisingly the Hot Cheetos and cheese are also very good.” Then she followed with “If I could change anything I would change the seating because I didn’t like to squish in with everyone, it was very uncomfortable.