Boot Camp: Behind the scenes


Lilly Avila and Kaitlyn Baker

In girls athletics, there’s something called Boot Camp. In order to move on, the girls have to successfully follow some rules everyday for five days straight. How do they get five perfect days? These are the requirements:

  1. They must be dressed out. They can’t have any jewelry on, they have to be in their athletics uniform, and they must have their hair up all before 1 minute after the tardy bell.
  2. They must be in Locked In position.
  3. No talking! No moving! They must be completely still!

If anyone is not dressed out properly and on time, then that individual has to do towel pushes and the whole class must start over to day zero.

Some of the girls think the coaches push them too hard. “If one person does one thing then everyone gets punished for it,” said 7th grader Galliea Rocha. 

Other girls think much more positive about this whole ordeal. “It teaches us to work together and encourage each other,” said 8th grader, Sarah Guidry.

Sarah has scoliosis. She can’t do the proper crunches the coaches make them do because of metal rods in her back, but she makes the best out of it.

“You burn calories. That lets me know that I can eat more,” Guidry laughs.

Athletics can completely tire you out, but it’s all worth it in the end. Boot Camp teaches the girls self discipline, responsibility, and strength, physically and mentally. They also accept that this is what they signed up for so they must stay strong in order to be successful in their future education and careers. After a lot of hard work and starting over multiple times, 8th grade has finally finished their boot camp. However, 7th grade has only earned day 2.