“Bird” book collage is enjoyable experience


Dara Tomogun, Dobie News Club Reporter

In Mrs. Wetz’s 5th period class Kristina Kukleryte, has been making a collage from the book “Bird” by Angela Johnson. “This project is an amazing experience, ” said Kukleryte.

The book is about a girl named Bird who leaves her home to bring back her step-dad, Cecil. On her journey to bring back her step-dad she meets a couple of people who help her along the way on her journey.

For her collage, Kristina drew a bird and cut out words from a magazine and glued them inside the drawing. Some of  the words that were in her collage were Bird (of course) and run-away since she ran away from home because she was so desperate to bring Cecil back that she ran away from home just to get him back.