Personal View: First Week of School


Jacob Coppage, Staff Reporter

Hello, my name is Jacob Coppage and I am an eighth grader.  This is how my first week of school went.  I wasn’t really in the mood to go back to school. I was really tired because I wasn’t prepared to getting up so early.

When I got to school on the first day I met with my friend CJ. When we heard the bell ring we went upstairs to our second period class. CJ and I checked how many classes we had together.

We all think that the first day of school is supposed to be easy. Well in Spanish, my teacher told us to do the abc’s. I didn’t know how to do them. I took me six tries to get to “g”.

Most of my classes were easy for the first day of school. The only class that wasn’t easy was Spanish. Athletics was really boring; all we did for 45 minutes was sit there. I was really tired and my back  started to hurt. We were talking and coach made us stay after the bell and I was almost late.

Throughout the week I met all my teachers and some new students. I also met with the new coaches. We had practice every day on the first week of school. I was so tired and sore that I felt like not going to school anymore.

I finally learned the abc’s in Spanish and I also know how to meet and greet in Spanish. The whole week we practice everything in Spanish. In math class the first 3 days we didn’t do anything but go through the rules. In ELA we are doing a letter about ourselves.

In all my classes we haven’t done anything important or exciting. The past few days I haven’t felt excited about school. Everyday we are going through the rules and what they expect from us.

I feel like they worry too much about the ID’s and book bags. I already hate the new rules that they will be adding. We have to have lockers and we have to have everything for the class and still be on time for class. Getting from athletics to 4th period is going to be tough. Going to my locker and back is going to take up a lot of my time.

The past week has been different from last year. With new teachers and new rules it’s going to take some time to get used to. I hope this year is going to be good.