Dobie 8th grade volleyball teams defeat Corbett

Milana Herrera, Staff Reporter

Volleyball.  Everyone says it’s an easy sport — a sport anyone can play. All you do is bump it, set it, spike it. Come on it’s easy! Only, it’s not. On Thursday September 7th, it was a tough battle for Dobie Jr High against sister school Corbett Jr High but Dobie got the wins. 

Throughout the night, intense plays happened between both A and B team matches. The final score of A team was 1-2 with Corbett winning the first set and Dobie winning the second and third. The B team’s final score was 0-3 with Dobie taking the lead through all three games.

When getting ready for the game and getting to know our rotation it was really exciting. “Warming up, I was nervous but it was exciting,” said Shelby Wilson, 8th grade B team volleyball player.

Most said they were nervous, so that kind of got to our heads, causing us to make minor mistakes.

While the B team plays, the A team cheered them on and when the A team played, the B team cheered them on. They sat in the stands going crazy and being very supportive with cheers and applause.