Dobie Students’ Favorite Music


Do you like music? Well Dobie news is here to tell you about some of our favorites. Many students like different music for example I interviewed a student named Haleigh Mcfarland. I had asked about her thoughts on music and Haleigh shared her favorites such as Country, Rock, Classical, and Pop. In her words “It just sounds cool.” Well many students agree! Another interviewed student gave the scoop about K-pop. She talked about BTS ,Exo,Red Velvet and more! BTS is a well known popular international K-pop group. This student’s name is Vy Hoang and she has a great taste in music! Davin Hicks talked about Alternative Rock such as Disturbed. In his words “It’s relatable.” He shared about how this music makes him feel and the vibes he gets from it. Music is a big part of most people’s lives, I know many people who have talked about their connection with music. Students have told me that they can’t get through the day without their headphones or music.

Music is a coping skill. People who struggle with mental or physical health go through different therapies including Music Therapy. Music truly helps those who feel they have nothing. Music can clear the mind of stress and help with anxiety. People with anxiety can listen to various types of music to get their mind off of what’s causing their anxiety. Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) helps with the brain. It helps the brain function and causes some different behaviors.Many people have used this therapy and more continue to as most of the time it is successful! I love the saying “When all else fails, listen to your favorite song.” Even people who have lost their hearing have a way to feel the vibrations of the music. My friend is deaf but she told me her favorite class that she takes is music.

You’re probably thinking “What if someone doesn’t have a phone or computer for music?” Well music is all around you! I know that may sound crazy but seriously! Just walk outside and listen to the birds sing, or the trees sway. Everything makes music! Grab a cup and play the cup song, get a bucket and bang on it with your hands or a stick. Just create a beat and hum. That’s what music is! Music is really anything you can think of. If you can think about it, just search the internet there’s most likely a song about it!