Personal view: Tennis try-outs are competitive


Sandra Escobar, Staff reporter

Hi my name is Sandra Escobar. The tennis courts are in the back of the school, there are four courts. Try outs are the first three weeks of school. I missed the first week of try-outs. All though I was there. The first week of school I forgot to bring my athletics clothes, so I had to sit out. The coach was showing all of the seventh graders how to play the forehand. I couldn’t participate.

There were a couple of people I knew trying out. I sat and watched the coach teach them how to do a forehand. They stood at the center line, gripping the tennis racket by the bottom half with their dominate hand, mine is right. He fed them a ball, he bounces the ball to them.

They have to hit it at their hips and follow through. Letting the rim of the racket wrap around their head, with the butt plate facing their opponent. I would tell you how to do the backhand, but I don’t know how to do it yet.

Only eight people can be in the team. They selected 28 people. Fourteen students from seventh grade and fourteen students from eighth grade. Eight boys and eight girls from both grades. I’m not to sure how many can be in the class.

There are a lot of seventh grade girls this year trying out for the tennis team. So all the the seventh grade girls have to try super hard,I’m not saying that everybody else has to sit down and do nothing, they still have to try, they have to earn their spots too.

Try-outs already happened. Although sometimes it was a bit frustrating when I didn’t hit the ball correctly I still had fun. I didn’t make the team, but that’s o.k because there’s always next year!