Personal View: My summer vacation


Darian Lester, Staff reporter

                                     About Me and What I Did This Summer.  


My name is Darian Lester, I was born January 12th 2003. I was born a cheerful baby with rolls covering my arms and legs. As I got older my looks and personality changed. Today I am

not as cheerful,  I like to be alone and keep to myself. I don’t like having many friends either.

I am also an artist, and I enjoy drawing things such as anime, Final Fantasy characters, and realistic like drawings. I love music and singing but I dislike singing in front of others. My favorite type of music is, classic, k-pop (Korean pop), rock, classic rock, and things like Mozart.


I love movies, and TV shows, especially anime. I enjoy anime because there can be worlds, characters, and stories, that can’t exist in this world and it is so interesting. Over the summer I didn’t watch much anime, or watch movies. I played video games, reading, drawing, and so many new things that I never liked before.


My summer has many emotions. I was happy and sad on and off. My mom is a single parent and we don’t get to take many vacations, but this summer my mom got a new job and was able to take a week off of work. She works very hard for the both of us and I am grateful. We went to the beach for a week, and stayed with my moms friend Tara. South Padre was so fun and we had many experiences I won’t forget, such as when we swam out in the ocean further than anyone else and was near where the smaller boats go. My mom and I swam with dolphins and took out the jet skies with my brother. I went fishing and caught four fish. It was so fun and I wish we could go back again.


A sad thing this summer was the anniversary of my father’s death. He died July 29 2016, he took his own life. I went to a birthday party so I didn’t have to think about it too much, and my friends were very supportive. It still hurts and affects my family. Not only a while after my great grandfather also died, and that was hard for all of us. Wounds heal though.


After we got back from the beach, we occasionally went to the public pool, but I miss the ocean.

My summer was boring after the beach, but I got to spend time with my friends, and get closer with my family. Thats me and my summer.