Personal View: My Summer Break Experience


Summer Break


Summer break has always had it in for me… ever. We’re either always moving, something tragic happens, or heck, even both. This time it was the third option, which sucked. We were moving to Georgia. Yay! No. We had only been in San Antonio for a year and we were moving… again.  Our few friends came with us to help unpack the boxes. We finally got there after a few days. The first time we saw our house we were… well, godsmacked. It was like a one story castle. It was huge!


After a few days we came back and my parents had been taking care of everything there, including the pets. We came back though and we found my little brother’s guinea pig Biscuit lying dead in his cage. Sad you may say. Nope. The thing was like an overgrown rat with an attitude.


My parents had been acting really weird recently. Like getting into fights and stuff like that. I immediately knew something was wrong, but I didn’t say anything for some reason. The next morning they had terrible timing as usual. They called all the kids over and told us they were getting a divorce. We just sat there with tear-streaked faces for a about a good 50 minutes before we went back to the bed in the room and just sat there doing nothing.


After about a week we said goodbye to my dad who would be staying in Georgia, but he would be living in an apartment, not the huge house we gave back to the owners. I was absolutely traumatized. I didn’t know what to do. On the way back to Texas I just sat there reading, listening to music, blocking out the world around me while eating bacon flavored sunflower seeds.


When we got to our “new home” I went straight into my new room and locked myself in. I was in a state of shock. I would just do what I did on the drive there. Though it would be worse and by worse I mean a lot worse. I wouldn’t talk to anybody, I wouldn’t eat for most of the day unless I was really hungry. I would barely leave my bed. This left a permanent imprint of me in the mattress. My summer break in words wasn’t the best by far, but I hope the next one will be better.