Back to school brings new rules

Jason Dobbins, Staff reporter

On August 28th, 2017 students filled the tables of Dobie Junior High School. The sound of chatter filled the school. Then, the bell rang. Students rushed to their first class to begin the 2017-2018 school year. Some were ecstatic to begin the year, while others were not so ecstatic.

With a new year, come new rules. This year, Dobie has an astounding 1,259 kids enrolled! The number of students leaves almost no space for things, and that is where backpacks become an issue. Because of this, each student has been assigned a locker.

This response has been the subject of controversy among the students. Reese Evans, 8th grader, said he doesn’t like the lockers. “It’s a big inconvenience to my schedule,” said Evans.

Students are recommended to take their stuff for morning classes out first, then after lunch take out their things for afternoon classes. This method lets students save time at their locker.

Another subject that is on the mind of students is the school’s dress code. Many students deem the dress code to be unfair, specifically targeting girls. This could be the case, due to the fact that a good chunk of rules focus on cleavage and showing shoulders. When asked about his opinion on dress code, Evans replied with his wish that Dobie would be less strict with its policies and let students be more free in their choice of clothing.

Males are not exempt from dress code. The school is very strict on the no sagging rule. Assistant principal Mr. Jackson has threatened to zip tie one’s pants if they sag. Students are also not allowed to wear hats and similar garments in the building, but hats are allowed outside for athletic classes.

Overall, the first week of school went very well. Even though most students dreaded to return to their academic careers, most were pleased to see some close friends after a while. All Dobie students can do is hope that this year will be spectacular.