Personal view: starting seventh grade was stressful


Leah Parker, Staff Reporter

My name is Leah Parker. I am a seventh grader Dobie Jr. High.The first week of school  was a very stressful week for me. Let’s just say I had mixed emotions. I was nervous, excited, and kind of sad that summer was coming to an end, but at least I could see my friends at last after a long summer.

The first day of school was very stressful because I didn’t know where anything was. I  have never been inside of this school before because of that I had to ask where all my classes were.  The most stressful part was finding who was in my classes. My first period was the worst because I was the only 7th grader in that class. I had no friends in that class, and nobody to talk to. The rest of the day was pretty good though, I mean it couldn’t  get any worse.

The second day of school was worse than the first day. I was even more lost because I had to get my schedule changed, but the thing is that the class that I changed to  was Pre-Ap Spanish but I didn’t even know Spanish yet, so that was just great.  So the next day I got my schedule changed again but that also was even worse because I was the only girl in that class.

The fourth day started out with me going to the counselor’s office to get my schedule changed again. I was tired and stressed after changing all of my classes, plus on top of that I had homework and I had to get a lock for my locker before Friday. I was sad because I had to switch my eighth period to another class that I really didn’t like.So I went back to the counselor after  school and she told me to try it out for another day.

So the next day I gave it another shot. I still did not like my eighth period class but the rest the day was ok. I spilled my water in the cafeteria and also I didn’t have any food with me. Plus I kind of didn’t want to go to the lunch line because I don’t know about you, but I don’t trust the lunch line

The end of the day came to an end. I went back to the counselor’s office and instead of PE and getting my whole schedule changed again I decided  to take journalism. Taking journalism wasn’t that bad after all. I met a really nice teacher named Mrs. P.J. and I think she is one of the most sweetest teachers I have. Now I am really looking forward to the end of the year.