Personal View: Favorite Halloween Memory


Cierrah Utsey, Staff Reporter

My favorite Halloween memory is when I was little kid and I went Trick-or-Treating with my friend. I was 5 years old and I was a ladybug.

My friend, my mom, and I  were going down this neighborhood and we got tons of candy until me and my friend got to this one house and there was this house that was decorated as a haunted house.

At first my mom said to not go in the house but then me and my friend went into it, with my mom. The people that owned the house said there was king size candy at the end which made me more excited. So, like any other haunted house there were jump scares.

Towards the end there was this one person dressed up like a clown and started to chase me and my friend. Me and my friend ran upstairs. We were closer the the candy. We took many turns and got jump scared by mainly clowns.

We entered the master bedroom and we walked slowly through the room and entered the bathroom safely ,without getting jumped scared, to get the candy we wanted. I got a huge Crunch and my friend got a Hershey’s candy bar. After that we ran through the house and continued with our Halloween.

This is my favorite Halloween memory because it was my very first time going into a haunted house and I spent it with one of my old best friends. I felt very excited because I got my favorite king sized candy bar.