personal View : South Padre was a trip to remember

Erynn Sanders, Staff Reporter

My 2017 Summer was…
By: Erynn Sanders

My 2017 summer was a lot better than I expected and I definitely wish it lasted longer than it did. I started off my summer by going to South Padre with my family. We all had an amazing time during our three day stay at the vibrant and upbeat island.

As soon as we got settled into our hotel, we instantly started walking around to see where everything was. We were lucky because we got a room a few doors down from the breakfast area. Since my sister and dad wanted to rest up a bit my mom and I went to the lobby and looked around. The hotel was really cool because not only did it have its own Starbucks, but it also had a pool table and computer room. Like almost every other hotel, the one I was staying at also had a pool. I found the pool kind of weird since the hotel was right on the beach.

After exploring the hotel we went to this shop where they rented out golf carts and decided to drive around the island to get a feel for South Padre. It was super fun because it had Bluetooth so my sister was able to play her music while we drove around the island seeing what we could see.

After about an hour of riding around we were all getting hungry so we stopped at Whataburger to get a snack. After eating our snack we rode around for about another hour and a half also letting my sister drive every once in a while.

Soon after we turned in the cart, we walked back to the hotel, got a couple of things, then went out to eat pizza. After the pizza we did a little exploring on the beach since our hotel was right on it. Because we had gotten pizza a little late, we got onto the beach while the sun was setting and it was really pretty.

Once we got back to the hotel we went straight to bed, after showering of course. The next couple of days we spent in South Padre consisted of eating at new restaurants, exploring the island and playing around on the beach. It was an amazing trip and I hope I can go back again one day.