Teachers’ have birthdays too


Everybody on the planet has a birthday, but not all are recognized for it. Most teachers at our school don’t want the student body to know their birthday. Do students even care about it?

“It might be because of the relationship, when you get a teacher a present they become more than just a teacher and that may weird the student out.” – Khaiya Mitchell, 8th grader

“No, if they didn’t tell us about their birthday in the beginning of the day why ask later.” — Samantha Edwards, 8th grader

According to these comments made by students it seems that some students don’t care or they just don’t give the teachers gifts, because it may get weird. One student, Wesley Mann said “Teachers are very inclusive about their age.” Some may have never thought a teacher wouldn’t want students to know their birthdays because of their age, but maybe that’s not the reason at all.

8th grade Language arts teacher Mrs.Swanson said, her students don’t say anything about it,because her birthday happens before school starts and they never really ask.

“I don’t think students think that teachers are people at all.”–8th grade Language arts teacher Mrs.Swanson

Mrs. Swanson’s statement could be right, maybe the reason students don’t care is because they don’t respect teachers enough or at all for that matter. It may not be the entire student body that doesn’t respect the teachers, but it may be  most students.

This doesn’t mean get teachers gifts for their birthdays if you don’t want to. It means students should start respecting teachers more. Teachers are teaching the future of our nation, so maybe they would highly appreciate it if students start respecting them more even if they are just there for the check or actually there to teach our very different generation. Teachers may get on students nerves sometimes, but they get on theirs twice as much, but if students can’t respect them more or at all maybe a gift for their birthday isn’t so bad.