Dobie Choir is Doing Great


Anayah Butler and Taryn Cooper

There are many electives at Dobie Jr. High School, choir being one of them. Eric Contreras is the wonderful choir director and is very excited to be here as a new teacher. Many choir students say choir is an amazing elective and they love it. 

There are over a hundread members in the two choirs.

Mr. Contreras, a graduate from Stephen F. Austin State University and the choir director here at Dobie Jr. High School, says he didn’t choose to be a choir director. “It chose me. I could reach more people by teaching others to be lovers of music.” he says.

Mr. C says that his goals for this year are to get choir to the highest level possible, to have more people join and to have level of success high. Mr. Contreras has many fun activities and fun learning opportunities planned for this year (parties, concerts, field trips, etc.).

Mr. C is not only the J Frank Dobie Jr. High School choir teacher but is also a performer himself. He was recently in a opera called “Macbeth.” He says his favorite song to perform is “Nearer my God”. Choir this year will be very interesting with many different genres of music such as Classical, Broadway and Pop. Lastly, Mr. Contreras’ favorite thing about choir is being able to teach his kids.

Kamryn Lovett, Zenai Wilson and Avery Brady are just a few of the happy choir members. Kamryn Lovett, a choir student at Dobie, says that choir is, “Great! I feel like I’m apart of something.”

Currently, the choir is singing an upbeat classical song called “Elijah Rock” which Kamryn really enjoys. Lovett was part of the district honor choir and is wonderful soprano 2.  Lovett ’s favorite thing about choir is that her friends are in it so she’s more comfortable to sing. Lovett’s goal for choir is “To be able to sing better.” She says that Mr. Contreras is, “Funny and really cares for us.” Lastly, Lovett says she chose choir “Because I like to sing.”

Avery Brady a member of choir told us how she felt about choir. ‘‘I like it. Its really fun and a good way to make friends you wouldn’t have made’’. Brady has been in choir for 4 years and is still going on she says that she choose choir to have fun and enjoy her time. Brady’s goals for the year are to go to UIL and dominate the sweepstakes again. Brady has advice for people new to choir

“Don’t be scared to try to be the loudest one as long as you try you will be accepted and that’s  what we like about people in choir.”

Another member of Dobie choir is Zenai Wilson she feels the same as last year “Oh it’s cool. I was there last year so of course it’s going to be easier for me”.

Wilson’s goal for the year are to try new things like region. “Last year I went to UIL for choir so I’m hoping to go to UIL again.”