Dobie restrooms get messy quick


Ariana Viera and Maggie Lincecum

Keeping Dobie restrooms clean seems to always be a struggle. At times there is so much trash left on the floors of the restrooms. There are sometimes also personal belongings left behind.  And then there’s sometimes graffiti. Janitors rush to clean up messes that shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

Mrs. Loomis, Dobie librarian, likes a clean school.

Ms. Loomis Dobie Jr. High’s librarian, said he has noticed problems with restroom cleanliness. “I would like to see some people pick up the trash off the floor. Kids just want to get out of their classes just to talk to there friends or to play around,” she said.

Ms. Loomis said she has also noticed that someone has also displayed positive quotes in the bathroom stalls. “I like that very much,” she said.