Personal view: first day of school was nervewracking


Kaydence Hicks, Staff Reporter

On August 28th, 2017,  it was the first day of my last year at Dobie Jr. High, and I was officially an 8th grader. The night before the first day of school, I was really nervous and my anxiety was really bad. I had so many thoughts running through my mind. “Who will my teachers be? Will they be nice? Will I see any of my friends? Will I have any classes with my friends? What if I get a schedule change?” etc.

Now, I knew that I wasn’t the only one who stayed up until 11:00 p.m. or 12:00 a.m.(or later) thinking about all of the possibilities that would come with the first day of school. Once I went to sleep (finally), I woke up at about 5:30 a.m. and stayed up, even though that is probably normal for some people, but it wasn’t for me.

Since I was nervous, I couldn’t really eat anything, so I just packed my stuff & got ready, then headed off to the bus stop.

On the bus, it was way different than last year. For one thing, there were a lot more 7th than 8th graders on the bus. Some people were yelling to each other, while other people were just sitting and looking out the window.

Once I got to school, I was surprised by the fact that the doors were actually open, and that there was no line, since last year It took forever for everyone to get inside the school. When I got inside, I didn’t really know where to go, since most of the tables were full and I didn’t see any of my friends yet, so I decided to go look on the posters to see what class I was supposed to go to.

On my way over there, I saw my friend waiting to find her name. I had asked her what class she had to go to, and was disappointed to find out that it wasn’t the same class as me.

After I saw my class, and my friend left, I looked around at everything. I saw people running to each other and hugging each other, I saw people looking for their friends, and I saw some people waiting by the library, so I walked over to the library and waited.

While I was over there, I had seen people find out that they had the same class with their best friend. I could tell because the would squeal with excitement.

I decided that I should probably look for my other friend’s name, and once I found her name & teacher, I was so relieved. She had Mrs. Montgomery with me! I started to relax a little bit more, knowing that I would have a friend in at least one of my classes, and so I wouldn’t have to walk to the class by myself.

A few minutes after I found her name, her bus arrived and she came in. We double checked that we had the same class (2nd period) and we were happy to find out that we did.

Eventually when the bell rang, and after we got our schedules, we looked at each others to see what other classes we had together. In total, we had 4 classes together (including lunch), and I was happy that I wouldn’t be completely alone on my first day of 8th grade.

On our way to 2nd period, we examined that most 7th graders scurried through the hallways, looking for their class with the look of confusion spread across their face, which wasn’t a bad thing since several 8th graders got lost too. We also saw a ton of people running into each other, which sometimes would cause a small fight, but nothing too major.

Throughout the day, I saw a few of my friends in the hallways, and I even made a couple new friends. On the bus ride home, I was more relaxed. I figured that maybe this year won’t be so bad.