Personal view: First day of school was crazy


Luke Hill, Staff Reporter

Hi my name is Luke Hill. I am here tell you (from a student’s perspective) about the first day of school.

The morning of the first day of school, I beat my alarm to the punch. I was to excited to sleep for school was about to begin and I was to anxious to see all my friends, some new ones to and my amazing teachers that are yet to come. I arrived to be tackled by my friends Aj and Brena, we caught each other up on our summer and my summer was a little more interesting than theirs.

We made our way in and my heart was pounding and a the smile disappeared as I saw the was closed for the first two weeks of school and I had to find a spot in the cafeteria for me, Aj while I waited for my friend Brea Mars. I was walking around and then I heard a familiar voice say my name followed by unexpected hug, when I finally got free I realized that it was Brea who was excited to see me and that’s when the bell rang and a swarm of people went rushing to their new class as well as me.

My first class led me to the D wing, an unfamiliar part of the school. It was at the end of the hall where my Tech Apps class, Mr. Patel’s class where there are so familiar faces and some others.

The second bell led me to Mr. Wetz social studies where all the people were strangers to me (for then), it is a great class but some kids need to quiet so we can hear the announcements but besides that Mr. Wetz is a great teacher in my opinion.

The third bell rang and it was difficult to find my next class but I eventually made it to Mrs. Harper’s art class. I recognized some people and some faces that were foreign, yet I have met some great people and some not so great.

Next class I knew exactly where Mrs.Reed Science class and it was excited to be in a Science class again and I have a feeling that me and Mrs. Reed will get along great.

Mrs. Compton’s class will be a little difficult me this year with all the writing, but I’ll learn to get used to writing.

My second favorite class of the day is journalism with Mrs. P.J, everyone in this class are so nice and it’s really easy to make friends here.

My last class of the day is Mrs. Bagley’s for math and it’s the smallest class with 12 people to begin with.

I can’t wait for the rest of the school year.