Personal view: Dobie rules are crazy

Kya Logan, Staff Reporter

I Kya Logan, think the rules here at Dobie are a little crazy. The craziest one to me is no having drinks in class I get if it’s something other than water but waters a need. All the teachers say “you can drink out of the water fountain” a lot of student including me don’t want to drink out of them because people trash them and spit in them and leave it there. Another thing I think is unfair about the water thing is that the teachers are kind of mocking us with their drinks on their desk or while they’re even drinking it telling us not to.

I also think it should be our choice if we want lockers. Some people got lucky with their lockers but most people didn’t. My locker is far away from any of my classes except one and I have the bottom. I really don’t like the bottom locker, I have knee problems so I can’t physically be bending down all the time. I asked to switch and my teacher said I can’t but I see open lockers all the time in the halls.This year due to lockers I have  been more late to my classes and not been having time to get a drink of water or use the bathroom.

Another rule I disagree with is paying $15 to get your phone back i honestly just think it’s another way for the school to get money from students. I think if they are going to charge students for their phones it should be $5 because why do teachers get to be on their phones anytime and we don’t.

I also think not letting students use the bathroom during class is unfair. I think we they should be able to use it the bathroom in class. The only time I think it’s fair is if it starts becoming a pattern. A lot of teachers don’t understand that girls NEED the bathroom just let them go it’s happened to me a lot and I don’t want to say anything either because it’s embarrassing, and it’s annoying. This is my column about how I think the rules at Dobie should change.